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Bee-Wax wraps

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Bees wraps

Each set contains 3 pieces of large 35* 45 cms. A cotton bag for your shopping at the market. 

Handmade and painted with natural colors, 100% natural beeswax, natural coconut oil. Made in Mexico, with lots of love! 

Instructions for use

  1. Wrap your food or tupperware gently with the warmth of your hands and it will take the desired shape.
  2. Fold them into baggy shapes or cone shapes. Or just wrap your herbs.


Washing instructions: 

1.Rinse with cold water, if necessary use neutral soap  

  1. Let them drain to dry.
  2. Keep it gently folded.
  3. AVOID heat and meat. Do not microwave! 


They are ideal for herbs, cheese, bread. To make sandwiches, make picnics, use them as a cover for those dishes you want to keep. 

Each wrap will last you about 180 uses, then you can put them in your compost. Since they are totally compostable and biodegradable.

with the use of this product will reduce the use of plastic and your refrigerator will look phenomenally healthy! 

Bee-Healthy is our new line, 100% organic, compostable and healthy. We intend to create sanctuaries, free of pesticides and full of flowers for the sweet Bee-Healthy.



Nuestros materiales son reciclados, Orgánicos y sustentables.

Care Instructions

Recomendamos que laves tus prendas en agua fría. A mano o bien en un ciclo delicado en tu lavadora. No uses cloro.

También recomendamos secarlos en plano o bien en secadora con puro aire que NO sea caliente.

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