5 Hábitos saludables, fáciles de incorporar.

5 Healthy Habits, Easy to Incorporate.

5 Healthy Habits, Easy to Incorporate.

Making decisions is a complex matter. Your beliefs, experiences, certainties, fears, feelings intervene. Also, the information you have, the context, the people who are involved, the risks you presume, the consequences. Even the state of your body.

1. Be aware of your breathing when you wake up.

Wake up 10 minutes earlier, so you can take the time to stretch and feel your body. Do a general scan of the state of your body. Take 5 deep breaths, appreciating the moment. Ask yourself, what do I need today to be happy.

2. Have a large glass of water.

Give a small prayer or thanks to the water that cleanses you. Set the intention of what you need today to be happy.

3. Organize your day

Prioritize the things you have to do in your day. Preferably write them down in the order you need them. Give space to everything that is important to you. Trying to balance your personal time with your work and chores.

Remember that it is not intensity but perseverance and patience that makes the difference.

"Adopt the rhythm of nature, constantly and patiently"

4. What you dedicate time to will give you some results

Just as muscles become strong when you exercise them, when you water your plants they turn green and bloom...

So do your relationships, your emotions, your work, your creativity.

Choose and keep a graph of the most important areas of your life.

Set small goals that you can achieve in one day. So that in the end you feel that you have ACHIEVED what you set out to do.

5. Count your blessings

As you end your day, count your blessings and be thankful. If you didn't achieve everything you wanted, forgive yourself, be compassionate and kind to yourself.

and breathe and give yourself a big HUG in front of a mirror. And say how proud you are of your effort. Thank yourself for being present for you. and give yourself a kiss in front of the mirror.


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