Our philosophy

At Uranta we create clothing for a lifestyle. Make it comfortable, creative and of high quality, creating comfort, style and functionality.

We work with a small team of incredible individuals with whom we form supportive relationships and have become one big family.

Uranta is clothing that is made for people who celebrate their lives, through the inspiration that movement gives. For people who like to dance, stretch, sweat, jump and applaud every moment of life. Uranta seeks to be part of your lifestyle and accompany you in your daily activities: yoga, work, supermarket, gym, school, to the cafe, to the city, to the countryside... We promote a healthy lifestyle, committed to the community and the environment atmosphere. We seek to make society more aware of what happens around it every day, what it consumes, what it creates and how it acts. 

Uranta in the community

Uranta was founded in October 2012, in San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco, Mexico. Created and designed out of the need for comfortable and creative sportswear for people seeking deeper meaning in their lives.

We live in a time in which it is important to awaken individual and collective conscience. We are beginning to awaken our inner spirit and understand that everyone and everything is connected. This is why our job is to improve these connections.

We are green and socially committed, we use recyclable and recycled materials to make our collections, our bags and our packaging.

Our family is made up of unique and creative people. People who want to get ahead, to work fairly and with a cause. We collaborate with people who cannot work outside the home and people who seek to have a healthier and happier living environment. People who seek to form a better society and, in turn, a better country.

We take care of the environment.

We also believe in the commitment that each of us has with the environment. For this reason, we use “dead stock fabrics” which are fabrics that are no longer available on the cutting tables of large clothing companies. This fabric would normally be wasted. We use this fabric on our cutting tables, which are smaller, this allows us to offer many colors. This technique is known as “upcycling”: a way of reusing materials that would be wasted, transforming them into products of better quality and with greater environmental value.  Our leftover fabric is less than 3% since we use these in bags and labels. 

The best leftover fabric is donated to IMMI who work with people with cancer, they sew beautiful turbans.

But working with this type of fabric is not an easy task, since you have to check fabric by fabric,  that the fabric is in perfect condition. For this reason we have a large amount of losses per year. Therefore, it is not cheaper, it is much easier to have a roll of fabric of certain colors since you do not have to change the threads nor do you run the risk of having errors in the same fabric.

We support different brands that make a difference. 

IMMI is a natural deodorant that promotes a healthy and aware lifestyle against breast cancer. You can find this wonderful product within our catalog. A portion of IMMI's profits go directly to the Galilea 2000 AC Foundation, which does beautiful work helping people suffering from cancer.

The clothes

Each Uranta garment has a unique thought and intention. Each garment has a story and is made with love. Each garment has several tests behind its innovative design,  managing to adapt to all lifestyles.

How do you help when you buy Uranta?

This type of consumption helps promote social and environmental sustainability practices. You win, not only by having nice clothes, but you are helping to bring about a positive change in consumer practices in the world. By buying Uranta, you save 33% more water than by buying other brands. You waste 87.8% less garbage, and help create self-employed jobs and united families!

How do we make a difference? 

Uranta is the only lifestyle clothing brand with a social and ecological sustainability project on the market. The basis of Uranta is a social vision seeking a win-win for everyone, from our workers, our distributors and our customers. 

The clothing industry generally not only damages the environment but also the quality of life of the people who make the clothes. That's why you can buy clothes so cheap from big brand companies. Uranta looks for new solutions every day so that you can consume consciously and look beautiful.  Knowing that you are helping families who do not have many opportunities to get ahead. 

How do models work in Uranta?

Several models are produced for a period of one year, in different fabrics and colors. Almost all production is limited edition since we do not always produce the colors again. During the year and depending on the season, designs, fabrics and colors are incorporated. 

We extend our hand so you can help by trying us out.

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