Haz pensado como es tu relación con el amor, el dinero, el tiempo...

Have you thought about your relationship with love, money, time...

Many times we ask things from the Universe, from God, from ourselves. But do we put an intention in it?

Have you thought about your relationship with time, what respect do you give it? what do you use it for? how do you use it? what do you want it for?

What is your relationship with money, do you give it a purpose. How are you going to use it? So that?

We read very often that we deserve... but have you changed the perspective of what you deserve? There are familiar patterns that often dictate the way and our relationship with the elements that surround us.

Simply by asking yourself, what is your relationship with these elements and how your heart feels with this type of relationship. It helps to have more clarity to become aware of what we want it to be. How we want it to be is what we have to rethink.

In love, how do we love? How do we want to be loved? We love each other? That is the most important question. How do we do it? What acts of love do we give to ourselves?

Facing the demons we see in the mirror of our relationships is difficult. We see it in someone else, only because we recognize it in ourselves. There is no need to solve it or change it in the other. We have to change it in ourselves.

The only thing that relationships teach us is what our relationship with ourselves is like... Let's think about that.

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