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How to Celebrate your Birthday Sustainably

How To Celebrate Your Birthday Sustainably

Birthdays are a time to treat yourself. They are a time to enjoy something a little bit special to celebrate the fact that you have made it one more time around the sun. But treating yourself well does not need to involve harming our planet. This year, why not think about how you can celebrate in a greener and more eco-friendly way, while still having a great time? Here are a few suggestions to help you celebrate your birthday sustainably:


Ask your friends to plant a tree as a birthday present

We are so focused on the negative on global warming. But we are not always taking the steps to help our planet. It is a great initiative to ask for a birthday present to ask you friends to plant a tree. They will love doing it and it will help the planet. 

Ask Friends and Family to plant flowers that are good for the Bees. 

Bees are having a hard time with survival. But if we plant rosemary, apple trees, sunflowers, basil, they will thrive. 


 Take a Slow Travel, Sustainable Vacation

Sometimes, we want a break from our everyday lives. Birthdays can be a great time to break out of our comfort zones and try something new. But rather than jetting off for a Birthday vacation, rocketing your carbon footprint, why not consider an eco option instead? How about a relaxing camping or glamping retreat? Rather than distance traveled, think about the quality of your experiences. Choose slow travel options like cycling, sailing, kayaking or hiking, for example. Stop and smell the flowers and really get away from it all. 

Enjoy a Staycation With Family & Friends 

You don't even have to go anywhere to break out of your daily life. Think about how you can try new things close to home. It is surprising how often we don't know our own backyards. This birthday, why not do some of those nearby things you've always meant to do? Take a stroll in a local beauty spot and have a picnic with family and friends. Visit a local museum or gallery. Do something that scares you – try a new adrenaline fuelled experience, or head out to enjoy the natural beauty of your area in a new and exciting way. 

Focus on Experiences, Not Things

Wherever you go and whatever you do, try to keep the focus on experiences, not things. It is not the things we accumulate that make our lives better, but the things we do and the memories we make. Great conversations, delicious home-cooked meals, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, stunning views, shared moments, beating hearts – these are the things that can make a birthday truly special. Some of the best experiences come from helping others and being kind. Rather than focussing on what others can do for you for your birthday, why not reach out? Random acts of simple kindness can give you that beautiful birthday glow. 


Throw a Sustainable Party

Getting together with those you love is a great way to make birthday memories. But remember, less is more. The people are the thing that really count. Keep things simple with home cooked food and drink, locally produced, organic fare that and does no harm. Decorate your home with natural materials – fresh flowers, lush green foliage, and other elements that bring the outside in.

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