Meet our Makers, by Beatnik goods Canada | Uranta Mindful Clothing

Meet our Makers, by Beatnik goods Canada

Brand Brief

  • Company: Uranta Mindful Clothing. Uranta means “space in the inner spirit”
  • Founders: Lucia Sol (Mexico) & Ian Karleff (Canada)
  • Established: 2011
  • Made & designed in: San Juan Cosala, Mexico outside Guadalajara
  • How we give back: Stitches That Matter Program – Proceeds from every sale goes to funding projects focused on building communities. Current projects include providing Djembe drums to inner city communities ravaged by drug violence in order to raise the vibration and bring young people together. In 2019, we aim to build a resource and education centre for single parents – many are our employees – and their kids right in our neighbourhoods.
  • Interesting Tidbit: We painstakingly select upcycled fabrics for all our creations – fabric remnants discarded by the fast fashion industry.
  • Mission Statement: Offer a line of movement inspired, fairly traded, environmentally positive clothing for souls who believe conscious consumption is the road to a more sustainable and community focused planet and reinvest in the communities where our clothes are made and worn

Brand Story


At Uranta, we create clothes for an active lifestyle. We make creative and fun clothes, meticulously stitched with love in small batches at our fair trade workshop in Mexico: high quality, comfortable, and functional.

Our clothes are made for people who celebrates their life through the inspiration delivered by movement. People who like to dance, stretch, sweat, jump and clap through every moment of their lives.

We promote a healthy lifestyle committed to the community and the environment. We want everyone in society to become more aware of their surroundings, of what they consume, and how their actions impact the planet.

We work with a small team of individuals, and together we form relationships of lasting support. From the people who stitch the clothes to those who distribute around the world, we are the Uranta Tribe united as a family with a common mission to make the world more harmonious.

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