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What is Slow fashion and best canadian slow fashion yoga apparel brands

Slow fashion, is a concept describing the opposite to fast fashion and part of the "slow movement", which advocates for manufacturing in respect to people, environment and animals. As such, contrary to industrial fashion practices, slow fashion involves local artisans and the use of eco-friendly materials, with the goal of preserving crafts and the environment and, ultimately, provide value to both consumers and producers. 

There are many Canadian brands that are "slow fashion". So if you’re looking to add some pieces to your wardrobe, shopping from Canadian clothing brands can not only give you beautiful, unique pieces but also support amazing independent fashion labels. Plus most of these brands incorporate sustainability into their business and products so you’re making a kinder choice for the planet too. 

Daub + Design – yoga & activewear 

Ecologyst – active & outdoor apparel (some products)

Buttercream – casual knitwear 


Prana Vida uses fabric that's mainly a blend of Tencel Lyocell fibre and organic cotton (not to mention, Lyocell makes the leggings feel silky and look sleek). Currently, some spandex is used for stretch, but the brand's creator Amelia Barnes says she is working to source a new fibre, Sorona, to make the leggings fully biodegradable. The material is also OEKO-TEX certified, which means it meets high standards of environmental and human safety. Plus, the brand boasts a range of sizes (from 00 to 24) and a maternity-friendly line.  


Not only do Seed pants look hip as heck, the brand's clothing is comprised of mainly hemp and organic cotton, with just four per cent spandex. Owner Blake Ward says that 80 per cent of Seed pants in stock are dyed using the roots and leaves of plants — no synthetics added (when produced in small quantities, as Seed's clothing is, these dyes can be low-impact). While the clothes are already manufactured in Calgary, Seed's goal is to produce all of its clothing from local hemp crops by 2020 too. 


Although Zen Nomad's clothing is certainly boho-inspired, the neutral colour palette and simple lines add balance to their aesthetic. The natural fibres the company uses, from organic cotton to Tencel Lyocell to hemp, require minimal or no pesticides to grow, and owner Sonja den Elzen sometimes hand-harvests the plants and dyes the materials herself. She saves and uses the leftover scraps from manufacturing, and also makes a point of buying the overstock fabrics from bigger designers, thereby repurposing what would otherwise have been waste.



Clothes made slow-fashion in Mexico with Upcycled and sustainable materials like organic cotton, Bamboo, Banana leaf fabric. Always looking for innovative ways to produce, ethically and sustainable. 

Has beautiful and unique designs. Definitely Boho inspired full of color. 

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